There are hundreds of thousands of hourly employees in California which has the largest economy in the United States and one of the biggest in the world. Unfortunately, unpaid overtime is a big issue in this state. A good Sacramento unpaid overtime lawyer could help in instances where the appropriate wages have not been paid in full or at all.

Among the things a trusted employment attorney could do are help to document a claim, such as by examining work records and paystubs to identify instances of unpaid overtime and calculate how much is owed; investigate a claim where need be; negotiate for a settlement to your claim; or take your case to trial. Reach out to Erkel Law, P.C. to learn more.

California Labor Code and Wage Orders

An experienced Sacramento unpaid overtime attorney could explain the relevant portions of California law, most falling under the California Labor Code and Wage Orders. This provides for a minimum wage, overtime pay, and rest and meal breaks for California employees.

The minimum wage in California is currently $16 per hour. For a minimum-wage employee, overtime pay would be $24/hour based on this number.  However, increases happen regularly, and it is advised to check the California Department of Industrial Relations to verify the exact amount.

Any employee who works more than eight hours in a day or 40 hours in a week is owed overtime unless they are exempt. In some cases, an employer will incorrectly identify an employee as an independent contractor to avoid paying overtime. Erkel Law, P.C. can review the details of a particular situation to determine whether an employee was misclassified as well as whether appropriate meal or rest breaks were not provided – both of which could make an impact on overtime.

Instances of Unpaid Overtime

One of the ways that employers dodge overtime is by failing to pay for time spent on work-related activities, like meetings or training sessions. Travel time should also be accounted for in any hourly totals. Any sort of off-the-clock work, like responding to emails from home, should also be included.

Occasionally, employees will be asked to start work before their scheduled shift or be asked to cover a shift for an absent employee. In some instances when this happens, employers might fail to calculate or pay proper overtime. The same is true for when employees are asked to work through their breaks or rest periods. Regardless of the violation, an experienced Sacramento unpaid overtime attorney could advise the best course of action.

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