While employees might have various grievances with their employers, some of the most frequent issues Erkel Law litigates are wage and hour violations. Disputes regarding pay violations might involve an employer refusing to pay overtime or other unfair practices. If you believe your employer committed a wage violation, contacting a skilled employment attorney should be a priority. 

It is not always clear when an employer violates wage and hour laws. A Sacramento wage and hour lawyer could explain the state and federal laws protecting workers from unfair labor practices. Erkel Law is here to hold your employer responsible for their unlawful actions. Contact Erkel Law for a free consultation to determine if you have a claim for a wage and hour violation. 

Common Instances of Wage and Hour Violations

Disputes regarding pay and other violations of employment laws are all too common. Some examples of wage and hour violations include:

  • Unpaid sales commissions
  • Misclassification of employees
  • Failure to pay wages or overtime
  • Payment of less than minimum wage
  • Improper wage deductions and payroll errors
  • Late payment at separation
  • Improper practices concerning vacation pay and time off
  • Denials of meal and rest breaks or uncompensated breaks
  • Failure to reimburse employees for work-related expenses

When an employer violates wage and hour laws, it might not be immediately apparent. Companies often understand their obligations under employment laws, but sometimes (whether intentionally or unintentionally) violate these laws. Examples include pressuring an employee to work off the clock or misclassifying workers as exempt or independent contractors to avoid paying overtime. A Sacramento attorney who understands the state and federal laws regarding proper wage and hour practices and could help determine if there is a violation. 

Wage and Hour Requirements

California has comprehensive protections for employees and provides employees with numerous safeguards – even, at times, beyond federal law. For example, the federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. In California, however, employees must be paid at least $15.50 per hour. 

Generally, employees are nonexempt unless they meet the requirements for exemption. Under state law, nonexempt workers can receive overtime pay at time and a half. 

California law also prevents employers from retaliating against employees who inquire about unpaid wages or file complaints about wage and hour violations. Workers who believe their employers are engaging in unfair labor practices should consult Erkel Law about their rights. 

Call a Skilled Sacramento Wage and Hour Attorney for Help

If your employer violated your rights by denying pay or otherwise violated employment protections, contact a Sacramento wage and hour lawyer. Erkel Law has represented clients seeking relief under the Fair Labor Standards Act and California state laws. 

Erkel Law understands how wage and hour violations can impact your life. Let Erkel Law help you hold your employer responsible and pursue compensation for back pay and other losses. Contact Erkel Law today if you have questions about state and federal wage and hour requirements. 

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